Why "Shoes for School Kids"

As we were reviewing the pictures of the construction of the water tank  as part of  Phase1 - Reconstruction of M Jagannadhapuram ZPH School we started noticing a pattern. Please look at the pictures :

Shoes for School Kids

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We are so happy to announce the project completion! As our directors, volunteers and their families visited the school to be part of this happy occasion we were touched by the kids' enthusiasm and excitement.

Two things that stood out for us - there are a lot of girls and the kids do not have shoes. Our founder Vijji Suryadevara spoke to our local contact Uma Maheswara Rao (he used to work for Vijji) and he explained the situation. M Jagannadhapuram is a remote village about 40km from Visakhapatnam and is a very poor area. The Zilla Parishad High School (ZPH SChool) is the only public high school for the surrounding 5 villages. There are more girls in the school because families try to scrape their resources and send boys to private school with better standards but girls have no option but  the public school. And since most of these kids are under privileged kids the government provides them with a couple of uniforms per year which is what they wear to school but no shoes. 

This triggered us to try to address this situation. We believe when addressing school systems it is also important to ensure kids are ready to learn. The government already provides them food and uniforms. We wanted to provide shoes for under privileged public school kids in remote villages and start that program with M Jagannadhapuram High School.. Thanks for contributing and helping us achieve the first step in this goal.

New Shoes distributed to 375 kids in M Jagannadhapuram ZPH School