Living during a global pandemic has impacted many of us in ways that we hadn't even imagined. While countries implementing a large scale lockdown is understandable, the effects are severe. India in particular faces a far greater challenge due to the large population size, density, and current poverty levels. The lockdown has left hundreds of thousands of families without means of income to support even the most basic of needs. Seemandhra Forum is proud to partner with Sri Gurudeva Charitable Trust and local volunteers to help provide relief through our COVID-19 Food Bank.

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Our food bank provides packages of food designed to feed a family of 3-4 for an entire month. Members of Sri Gurudeva Charitable Trust distribute these packages in the Vijayanagaram region to families that don't have access to the rations provided by the government** and are unable to consistently obtain at least a single meal per day. Volunteers in the Vishakhpatnam district have also partnered with local farmers to buy vegetables at significantly lower cost and distribute the vegetables along with bottles of sanitizer and masks. Just $25 is required to put together a food package to support a family for a month. Please join us in our efforts to provide food relief to those in need​.

**The ration system has many issues from corruption to inaccessibility. This leaves millions of poor families without a ration card and/or unable to access their designated rations. 

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COVID-19 Food Bank