Godavarru Anganwadi Building Reconstruction and Primary School Beautification
            - Reconstruction of Government Preschool building and Primary School Beautification

Special Projects :

As we started working with the local high school for 5 villages located in the village M Jagannadhapuram as part of HudHud cyclone reconstruction project we realized there are other projects that needed to be done to make the school a comfortable experience for the kids. Here are 2 projects that we worked on.

Special Project 1 : Shoes for Kids

            - Buy shoes for kids, many of whom come to school barefoot

Special Project 2: Cycle Stand for Kids

            - Build a Cycle Stand which was a special request from the kids

Godavarru Project :

Even though Godavarru village of Krishna District has had a primary school since 1939 the maintenance of the buildings has not been done. Especially the Aganwadi (Govt. Preschool) building was a disaster with multiple cracks, water leakage and overall severe damage. When this project was brought to our attention by our local volunteer Swarnakumar we decided this is exactly the kind of project we would like take up. This school is mainly used by the disadvantaged members of the community and so we would be impacting the kids that need the school the most.

Here are some before pics:

HudHud Projects :

Reconstruction of M Jagannadhapuram ZPH School after HudHud cyclone

The local high school for 5 villages located in the village M Jagannadhapuram which is near Atchutapuram about 40 Km from Vizag city has been damaged because of Hudhud cyclone. The already meager infrastructure suffered further damaged making the buildings inadequate and unsafe for the students. We have identified this project as the focal point for our direct participation in rebuilding after Hudhud cyclone with the additional bonus of helping a school.

Phase 1: M Jagannadhapuram ZPH School rebuild

            - Fix damaged Classrooms

            - Build Water tank to running water for drinking and sanitation

Phase 2: M Jagannadhapuram ZPH School rebuild

            - Rebuilding the damaged sections of the compound wall of the school