The M. Jagannadhapuram ZPH school suffered intensive damage to it's infrastructure due to the Hudhud Cyclone in 2014. We chose this project because this school is the only government high school for 5 villages. The lack of proper facilities severely impeded the educational experiences of many impoverished teens. Seemandhra Forum thanks everyone who helped us complete this project.

This particular project is very close to our hearts as the request came from the students themselves. The extreme heat and humidity along with rains during monsoon season damaged bicycles when left outside. This forced the students to walk several miles to get to school as riding their bicycles used to be impractical. Seemandhra Forum is happy to say that's no longer the case.

Seemandhra Forum is partnering with Sri Gurudeva Charitable Trust and local volunteers to help provide food relief to those affected by COVID-19 in Andhra Pradesh. The designed food package can feed a family of 3-4 for up to a month. Our donations are targeted towards families that are unable to obtain even a single meal per day.

The Godavurru preschool and primary school buildings along with the school grounds were in need of extensive renovation and care. Before the completion of the project, the school grounds were over run by weeds, the walls and ceilings full of cracks, and water damage made the structures unsafe. With the dedication of the local community and the support of our donors, Seemandhra Forum was able to remedy the situation.

One might wonder what the necessity of a compound wall would be. Well let's put it this way, we don't want the ever wandering buffalo to interrupt class time do we?

The M. Jagannadhapuram ZPH school is located in a poor village where plenty of animals roam free. It would not be uncommon for pigs, stray dogs and other farm animals to wander into school grounds.  We wanted to prevent this potential safety hazard and disruptive learning environment.

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We firmly believe that part of a good education is ensuring that children are properly equipped to learn; this includes being able to safely walk to school. A startling number of students were walking miles to school while barefoot because they could not afford appropriate footwear. Due to the much appreciated donations and volunteer efforts, 375 students now have a new pair of shoes.

Seemandhra Forum is working with Sri Gurudeva Charitable Trust in creating a free 25 bed hospital for marginalized communities from rural village and Tribal areas who are deprived of timely medical support during this second wave of Covid-19 in India

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