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Jayasree Suryadevara is a Founding Director of Seemandhra Forum. She is a technology professional who is passionate about Women and Education. She is motivated to work towards providing opportunities for children and women which makes SAF a cause that is close to her heart. She is active in the local education board and enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for technology with youngsters. She loves photography, spending time with family and walks with friends.

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Vijay Gopineedi is a Founding Director & Secretary of Seemandhra Forum. He is a serial entrepreneur and is the Founder & CEO of Rootshell Inc. Rootshell is into IT services focusing on CPQ and Product Development. Vijay is passionate about social causes and is an active part of multiple organizations.

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What We’re Doing

Sree Duvvuru is a Founding Director & Treasurer of Seemandhra Forum. She is also VP of Regulatory Technology Solutions at MUFG Union Bank. Sree believes in the transformative potential of education within disadvantaged communities and is passionate about working towards that change through SAF. She enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

Keertana Katuru is currently a senior at UC Santa Cruz and is the Head of Programs at SAF. She is passionate about making educational opportunities and healthcare more accessible to under-resourced communities. Keertana pursues this passion through SAF and the Santa Cruz Free Clinic– a non-profit she has started with her friends that provides first step healthcare and resources for the disadvantaged in the Santa Cruz community. Keertana’s hobbies include reading, traveling to new places, hiking, and annoying her younger brother.

Akhila Bordag is currently in high school and has been involved in Seemandhra Forum since she did her first fundraising effort in 2014 where she raised $200 for the Water Tank project in ZPH School. She is currently a youth volunteer lead, volunteering in the Seemandhra Forum and helping out with marketing and PR on their Instagram and Facebook page and with accounting and other administrative activities. This cause is very close to her as she values her culture and Indian heritage very much. Being able to help out, even remotely, is very important to her as she believes in taking action and being part of the solution!​

Raghava Katuru is currently a senior at Monte Vista High School and works on social media and PR for the Seemandhra Forum. He is an ardent volunteer that loves to represent Indian culture and help people in need. He has found that he’s able to do both through his work at Seemandhra Forum. Some of Raghava’s hobbies include playing tennis, video games, and getting annoyed by his older sister.

Vinay Reddy is a student at Las Lomas High School and helps when he can on the social media aspect of Seemandhra Forum. He is interested in biotechnology, medicine, and helping those in need. Additionally, he feels strongly about improving the circumstances of the underprivileged. Because of this, he enjoys this opportunity to support SAF and its cause. His hobbies include playing sports, learning, making things, and playing guitar.

Vijji Suryadevara, the Founding Director & CEO of Seemandhra Forum is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive, passionate about using technology to make a difference. She is also the founder of non-profit initiative SheSpeaksBureau.org to amply female voices in tech. Vijji was the Founder, CEO & CTO of CareerWaze, a Future of Work startup. CareerWaze is an AI driven Career and Learning advisor helping users acquire in-demand skills. Vijji was also the Founder & CEO of BPA Technologies a VC funded Content Management Services Startup which was acquired by a Moody’s group company ICRA in 2012. Most recently she was the CPO & Head of Engineering for Phizzle and IOT startup. She is also an Advisor for Tech startups.

Vijji deeply believes in giving back to the community and that scale is not as important as the lives touched..

Hema Katuru is a Founding Director  of Seemandhra Forum. He is a technology leader and is currently a Systems Manager at MUFG Americas.

Seemandhra Forum


We have a simple missionTo help in the development of Seemandhra region of India with special focus on activities that foster education, health and women empowerment by building on social responsibility and local participation.

The challenge is immense in the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh, but we believe every journey starts with the first step. We will make progress one step at a time, bring about change one project at a time and impact lives one community at a time.

Seemandhra Forum


Founded: 2015

Tax ID : 47-3794428