​​Godavarru Village Anganwadi Building Reconstruction and Primary School Beautification

Here is the work that was done:

1.  Fix Anganwadi (Preschool) building: The Anganwadi building had to be fixed inside and out including the walls, foundation, stairs, ceiling and floor but also painted the whole building.

2. Fix the entryway and courtyard of the Primary school: The entryway of the School was overgrown with bushes and with litter all over. And when it rained the whole entryway and courtyard would become muddy due to lack of drainage. We fixed the issue by clearing and then filling in the whole entryway and courtyard with gravel, soil and then layer with sand.

3. Repaint the Primary school building: As we were doing all this work the painter suggested that he could paint the main building too for a small additional cost. He and other vendors gave discounted goods and services as they saw the good work being done.

4. Provide Plates & Glasses to Anganwadi: After completely revamping the Anganwadi building we finalized the project by donating Plates and Glasses to be used in the preschool.

5. Planting of trees in the school: The youth of the village who were helping in getting this project done participated actively by helping planting trees to beautify the school.

Inauguration ceremony on Independence day:

And when it was all done this is how it looks:

Even though Godavarru village of Krishna District has had a primary school since 1939 the maintenance of the buildings has not been done. Especially the Aganwadi (Govt. Preschool) building was a disaster with multiple cracks in the walls due to vines growing on the walls, water leakage and overall severe damage. When this project was brought to our attention by our local volunteer Swarnakumar we decided this is exactly the kind of project we would like take up. This school is mainly used by the disadvantaged members of the community and so we would be impacting the kids that need the school the most.

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