​Current COVID-19 Food Bank​:

Food relief for families in need during COVID-19

The Lives We Impact

“I wanted to raise money for helping the ZPH School because we take so many things for granted, but the kids in that school did not even have safe drinking water! Me and my friends raised $200."

Akhila Bordag​   Youth Volunteer

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Covid-19 Food Bank


Seemandhra Forum is working with Sri Gurudeva Charitable Trust and local volunteers in India to help feed those who have been pushed to the sidelines by COVID-19. Help us by donating $25 to feed a family for a month.

The state bifurcation left the residual AP ie Seemandhra in disarray and despair. It is time to rebuild Seemandhra, and we need each and every one of you to help. Every hand counts, every dollar counts, every thought counts. Please join us.


Seemandhra Forum is working to improve public schools in remote and disadvantaged communities. The projects taken up include building water tanks, classroom upgrades & providing scholarships. Please donate to this fund and help provide opportunities for kids who have none.

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