Dr. Ramesh Jetti is a government doctor in Nellore district who has been serving poor patients in the villages he works in. He has been helping the poor when possible with the funds he could raise = his primary contributors are himself and his staff. He is currently working in the government hospital in Chillakur village, Nellore district. Majority of his patients are disadvantaged illiterate daily wage laborers. Men and women including pregnant women go to work every day, earn around 150 to 250 rupees and every evening they drink cheap liquor. 

He has taken it upon himself, supported by his staff to educate pregnant women to stop drinking alcohol, eat better food and take nutrition supplements. Every day at his hospital, they offer free food to pregnant women (excluding two Sundays of a month). He makes sure they get egg or dal or some good vegetable as their food at home is just white rice with chilli powder. He also provides them with supplements like multi-vitamins, iron capsules etc to these women.

Seemandhra Forum is starting a new project to support Dr. Ramesh in his noble effort by funding this nutritional program for poor pregnant women. Please support this program by donating.